SAMPE Benelux student meeting 2011

Traditionally, the year starts with the SAMPE Benelux Student Meeting. The event, organised for the 9th time, was held in Belgium. The meeting started with a visit to Acrosoma (Lokeren, Belgium). After a keynote lecture of Alexander Verhuizen from Asco , 9 students from 5 different universities then presented their research to a jury of SAMPE Benelux industrial members in one of the monastic buildings of the city of Ghent. Each of the students had written an abstract on their research. These abstracts are collected in a Book of Abstracts that can be downloaded here.

The jury was pleased with the presentations of the students and had to weigh the various aspects, such as technical content, industrial relevance and general appearance, carefully. The verdict of the jury was in favour of two candidates: Sjoerd Hooning (master student of Delft University of Technology, research on thermoplastic welding) and Svetlana Verbruggen (PhD-student of Free University of Brussels, research on textile reinforced cement). They will represent the Benelux during the upcoming SAMPE Europe Student Meeting, preceding the SAMPE SEICO conference in Paris.

The jury also nominated Carlos Fuentes (Catholic University of Leuven, research on bamboo fibre composites) for the JEC award competition, which is held in conjunction with the SAMPE Europe Student Meeting. It was recently announced that he is selected as one of the five participants.

The SAMPE Benelux Student Meeting could not have been organised with the financial support of the sponsors: Kok & Van Engelen (KVE), Airborne Composites, Composite Technology Centre (CTC), Ten Cate Advanced Composites, SABCA and ASCO. Ghent University sponsored the meeting room.