SAMPE Benelux student meeting 2010

The year 2010 started with the yarly SAMPE Benelux Student Meeting. Master students and starting PhD-students present their research to each other and a jury. The student who gave the best presentation is sent to the European SAMPE Student Meeting in Paris, held together with the SAMPE SEICO 10 meeting.

This year, the meeting was organised in conference centre Dennenheul, in the centre of The Netherlands. The sponsors of the event were: Kok & Van Engelen (KVE), Airborne Composites and Composite Technology Centre (CTC). A keynote lecture was given by Arnt Offringa from ( and a visit was made to the facilities of Ten Cate Advanced Composites in Nijverdal.

This year, 10 students from 4 universities in the Benelux participated in the event. The presentations of the students covered a wide range of topics, ranging from natural fibres to polymer coatings, delamination of composites, repair of militairy aircrafts. The quality of the presentation was judged by a jury, which consisted of the following members:

  • Jeroen de Vries (KVE)
  • Marcus Kremers (Airborne Composites)
  • Peter Joosse (CTC)
  • Arnt Offringa (Fokker Aerostructures)
  • Ariean Koelewijn (Armacon)
  • Adrie Kwakernaak (TUDelft, SAMPE Europe student coordinator)
  • Richard Loendersloot (UTwente, SAMPE Benelux student coordinator)

The judgement of the jury was based on several aspects: Technical content, presentation skills and quality of the presentation. The task of the jury has become increasingly more difficult, as the level of performance of the student keeps on increasing over the years. Finally, the verdict was in favour of Gustavo Guerreiro from the TUDelft who combined a difficult, somewhat theoretical topic with a very vivid way of presenting. The coatings on which he is working are still miles from a market introduction. However, they already attract the interest of the industry. This overal cocktail of capabilities. level of content and industrial relevance made the jury decide in favour of Gustavo.

A second nominee was selected by the jury to represent the Benelux chapter in the JEC award contest, held in conjunction with the European Student Meeting. The topic of the research has to be related to natural or environmentally friendly composites. Two presentations from PhD students of the KU Leuven were competing for this price. After thorough deliberation, the jury decided to invite Eduardo Truijllo to represent the Benelux in the JEC award contest.

The abstracts of all participants are collected in the Book of Abstract, which can be downloaded here.