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SAMPE Benelux Student Meeting 2016

SAMPE Benelux is once again looking back on a successful student meeting. The meeting was held on 23rd-24th May 2016, on the premises of this year’s host Teijin Aramid, Arnhem, The Netherlands. Students from a variety of institutes presented their work during the first day’s afternoon session.

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26 Apr

SAMPE Benelux Spring meeting - Airborne Composites Automation facility

In this new centre Airborne, KUKA and Siemens develop automated composite engineering and production technologies for cost-effective composites industrialization (see following webpage of Airborne for an impression: 

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SAMPE Benelux Fall meeting at Technology Campus Diepenbeek

For the Fall 2015 SAMPE Benelux seminar, the SAMPE team joined forces with the Polymer Research Group of KU Leuven`s Technology Campus Diepenbeek and with the aerospace structures supplier SABCA Limburg. Goal was to organize a top learning and networking event for the members.

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SAMPE Benelux student meeting 2015

SAMPE Benelux is looking back on a successful student meeting hosted by Vosschemie Benelux. The meeting was organized in Spring in accordance to the new Sampe Europe conference scheme, on May 11 and 12.

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The Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) is an international organization devoted to the promotion of technical excellence in material and process engineering, totaling more than 4000 engineers, technologists and materials scientists.